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Small PETG Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle

Surface Handling: Screen Printing
Industrial Use: Personal Care
Base Material: plastic
Body Material: plastic
Collar Material: Plastic
Sealing Type: SCREW CAP, Cap
Material: Plastic
Color: Clear
Feature: Refillable
  • Uzone

Product Description

Product Description:

  • Design: This lotion pump bottle is designed with convenience in mind. The compact size makes it perfect for travel or for keeping on your bathroom countertop without taking up too much space. The sleek and transparent PETG plastic material allows you to easily see the contents inside, making it easy to identify and access your lotions.

  • Material: Crafted from PETG plastic, this lotion pump bottle is lightweight yet durable. PETG is a high-quality plastic that is known for its excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for storing a wide range of lotions, creams, and liquids. It is also BPA-free, ensuring the safety and integrity of your products.

  • Versatility: This small PETG plastic lotion pump bottle is suitable for a variety of lotions, including body lotions, hand creams, moisturizers, and more. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in your bag or purse, allowing you to keep your favorite lotions with you wherever you go.

  • Easy to Clean and Refill: The lotion pump bottle is easy to clean and refill. Simply unscrew the top and rinse out any residue. You can easily refill the bottle with your preferred lotion or liquid, ensuring that you always have your favorite products at hand.

  • 30ml 40ml Small PETG Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle

Portable lotion dispenser

Q: What is the capacity of the small PETG plastic lotion pump bottle? 

A: The capacity of the small PETG plastic lotion pump bottle may vary. Please refer to the product specifications for the specific volume it can hold. Typically, it is designed to hold a smaller amount of lotion, making it perfect for travel or for keeping smaller quantities of lotions or creams on hand.

Q: Is the lotion pump bottle easy to use and dispense the lotion? 

A: Yes, the lotion pump bottle is designed for easy and convenient use. The lotion pump mechanism allows for controlled dispensing, ensuring that you get the desired amount of lotion with each press. The pump can be easily operated with one hand, providing a hassle-free and efficient application experience.

Q: Can I use the small PETG plastic lotion pump bottle for other liquids besides lotions? 

A: Yes, the small PETG plastic lotion pump bottle is versatile and can be used for various liquids. It is suitable for storing and dispensing not only lotions but also other liquid products such as hand sanitizers, serums, oils, and more. Its compact size and secure pump mechanism make it a convenient choice for a wide range of liquids.

To learn more about our Small Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle and our customization services, please contact us today and send an inquiry. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions you have and provide you with a quote.


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