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  • Uzone Group Rings in New Year with Auspicious Start and Exciting Opportunities

    Uzone Group, a leading cosmetic packaging company, is pleased to announce the end of the lunar New Year holiday and the start of a productive and prosperous year.The company wishes to express its gratitude to all employees who have taken the time to celebrate the holiday with their families and frie Read More

  • The Role of Glass in Cosmetic Packaging Industry

    The cosmetic packaging industry plays a crucial role in the presentation and preservation of beauty products. Glass is a popular material choice for packaging cosmetics, and it is used to create a range of containers such as glass jars with lids, glass bottles, and custom glass bottles.One reason fo Read More

  • The Importance of Product Lables

    Product labels are an essential aspect of any consumer product, as they provide important information about the contents and usage of the product. This is especially important for products that are used for health or beauty purposes, as consumers need to be aware of the ingredients and any potential Read More

  • What Is Acrylic Material And Why It Has Been Widely Used In Cosmetic Packaging

    To meet the needs of the cosmetic packaging market, companies or researchers will develop materials with different colors, strength and flexibility and other properties.The variety of materials is certainly good for cosmetic packaging buyers. Read More

  • The Urgent Need To Make Your Cosmetic Products Environment Substantial

    This July, the heat wave shocked the world. Even people in the southern hemisphere can not escape. The British government declares an emergency on the record high temperature. Read More

  • Questions & Tips On Skin Care

    Q1: How can I tell my skin type?There is a truth in the skincare world that "A is B's honey and C's arsenic" refers to the fact that the same product works super well for some people, but is difficult to use for others, and even rots the face. Read More

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