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The Urgent Need To Make Your Cosmetic Products Environment Substantial

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This July, the heat wave shocked the world. Even people in the southern hemisphere can not escape. The British government declares an emergency on the record high temperature. More than 2000 people were killed by heat waves in Spain and Portugal.

Year by year, scientists call for action on climate change and global warming, but they haven’t achieved enough influential agrees in society and political power. Politicians deny global warming and see it as a conspiracy theory.


What is happening?

These years, more and more people suffer from heat waves and it does have transformed their thinking on climate change.

People are thinking about taking on more responsibilities in everyday life. Choosing more environment-friendly products is no doubt a more and more important trend.

Impact on the cosmetic and skincare industry

The call for efforts on easing climate change impacts almost every industry. As in the cosmetic and skincare industry, more environment-friendly materials are being developed.

Pioneer brands that have taken action


Among the brands related to bamboo, Antonym should be one of the more well-known ones.

Founded in 2010 by a makeup artist named Val Giraud, the brand focuses on organic, natural, eco-friendly and animal-free products. In addition to the organic and natural certification, the products are also FSC forest certified (a tool that uses market mechanisms to promote sustainable forest management and achieve ecological, social and economic goals).

The most important feature of Antonym is that the packaging of all products is made of bamboo. And it is said that the rest of the packaging materials are also made of natural and sustainable materials. For example, the paper used is FSC-certified paper.


Zao is also a brand with a clear "bamboo" identity.

It is a skincare and color cosmetics brand that focuses on the harmony of nature, environment and economy, and also pursues organic, natural and environmental protection. In addition to the bamboo packaging, Zao also uses active ingredients extracted from bamboo leaves, such as powder and oily silica from the bamboo root.

The organic brand currently has more than 1,000 local retail stores in France, in addition, the brand has entered 43 countries worldwide.


Our client's brand case, applied bamboo and wooden material to the cosmetic packaging. A charming fresh air in UK cosmetic marktet and is getting more love from customers.


The facts about climate change and global warming are clear and convincing for more and more customers. It’s time for cosmetic brands to embrace the substantial future by applying climate strategies to the whole supply chain process. Uzone is also working on it to supply clients with more environmentally substantial cosmetic products.

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