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Questions & Tips On Skin Care

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Q1: How can I tell my skin type?

There is a truth in the skincare world that "A is B's honey and C's arsenic" refers to the fact that the same product works super well for some people, but is difficult to use for others, and even rots the face.

Q2: What is the correct skin care process?

Generally speaking, the complete skincare process is: makeup removal → cleansing → cleansing mask → moisturizing mask → muscle base → toner → essence → eye cream → lotion → face cream → sunscreen.

Taking more steps doesn’t mean better. You only need to select the right products according to your needs. In addition, the skin care process is not solid restricted. You can adjust to your own feelings for your comfort.

It means you need to place a lot of glass cosmetic containers on your dressing table but it's inevitable.

Q3: Do you need to remove makeup while only appling sunscreen?

This question also troubled me for a long time, we have collected several methods of judgment, and there is always one solution that fits you. Judgment method one Physical sunscreen: needed Chemical sunscreen: not necessary Chemical + physical sunscreen: depends on the situation, if the physical sunscreen is more, you need to remove makeup; if the chemical sunscreen is low more, you can remove makeup thoroughly every few days to clean. Judgment method two Waterproof and sweat-proof sunscreen: required. Non-waterproof and sweat-proof sunscreen: not required. Judgment method three After applying sunscreen on your arm and rinsing with water/cleanser, if the water on your arm is in the form of small droplets, it proves that there is still sunscreen product residue, and it is recommended to use makeup remover products for deep cleaning.

If you still feel confused after reading this, let's just simply use this type of cleanser that has the function of washing and removing all in one

Q4:What ingredients are not suitable for daytime use (need to avoid light)?

The analysis is specific to each case. If you have done a good job of sun protection (soft + hard sun protection) and are familiar with the ingredients, there is nothing you can't use during the day. However, too few people can achieve a 360-degree degree of sun protection, there are serveral ingredients used in the daytime that will make the skin more vulnerable to damage. Products containing A acid, A alcohol, high concentration of salicylic acid, fruit acids, hydroquinone are recommended for use at night.

Q5:How to avoid applying eye cream after the growth of fat grains situation?

What we call "fatty grains" are usually "pimples" and the leading cause is usually the skin itself. The skin around the eyes is relatively fragile, due to friction, excessive massage techniques, dust and other external factors that produced invisible wounds, skin repair process in our body will generate small white particles, that is, fat particles.

There is another possibility that the sebum is covered by keratin and cannot be discharged properly, and finally, a white particle will be formed within the skin because of blockage. So eye creams are recommended to use a refreshing type, get your eye cream from your bamboo cream jar, remember to patiently massage pat and make eye cream to be fully absorbed.

Q6:Exfoliating products rubbing the mud is really keratin?

There are many exfoliating gel products on the market, rubbing on the face can bring out a lot of white strips of mud, the immediate experience is very good, but these are not the legendary old keratin! Where to get so much keratin oh?

These products generally contain thickening agents (polymers) such as carbomer and xanthan gum and cationic surfactants. When the thickener and positive surface activity in the PH are greater than 3, it will produce a chemical reaction to produce the so-called "fake mud".

But these products are not useless, just like the eraser, erasing the crumbs can take away the dirt. To put it bluntly, it can't peel off the stratum corneum, but it can take away the outermost layer of semi-shedding dead skin, such as the white flakes that most often appear on the nose in winter.

Q7:How to reapply sunscreen after makeup?

Use oil-absorbing paper to absorb excess oil from your face. You can spray some water on your face and then apply sunscreen to your face with a light pat.

Q8:What sunscreen products are suitable for winter?

If you want to be outdoors or go to an island or something, you must use sunscreen with an SPF of 50. In winter, you can use slightly more moisturizing sunscreen, so your skin will not be so dry.

Q9: What ingredients or what method can tell whether the sunscreen takes effect by physical or chemical methods?

The main ingredients of physical sunscreen are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which mainly rely on the reflection or scattering effect, blocking off UV rays to achieve the purpose of sun protection, which is milder to the skin. Chemical sunscreen has a certain degree of irritation to the skin, and common chemical sunscreen ingredients such as diphenyl ketone, Ethylhexyl salicylate, etc.

Q10:Sunscreen and isolation cream, which one to apply first?

Sunscreen first and then isolation cream. Sunscreen is the last step of skincare! The best way to use BB cream is to apply sunscreen first and then apply isolation cream. Sunscreen is the real protector against UV rays. Even sitting in the office will also have UV rays exposure through the window, so full-year protection against the sun is needed.

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